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Hi all and thanks Jo for the insightful write up of last week’s session.

Jo and myself had the 2nd session on Friday 3rd July – my focus as a facilitator for this session was
1. following on from the shared weekend we had – holding the space safely virtually
2. being open, responsive and in listening mode to Jo’s needs

Having had the advantage and experience of being the receiver the week before, it definitely helped me to think ‘less is more’ and not to try to address/work with a whole range of issues.

Listening to Jo I felt working with the 3rd family most suited. We started with body scan, then abdominal breathing exercise, then body scan again with regard to held areas which actually had shifted from what they were before the breathing. We moved into seaweed qigong and then worked with valuing touch, also bringing in some sound work. The question for me still is how to make the decision which family/touch quality to focus on at the start of the session.

Working via the screen, I had to remind myself to stop and observe Jo, giving her space to work at her own pace and to notice the changes in her body – which was good for me in contrast to my online self-care classes where I’m focussing more on ‘bringing everyone with me’.

Jo was able to tell me areas she wanted to spend more time on and in feedback after the session commented that this really allowed her to release at a deeper level. Jo felt safely held, and I felt not trying ‘to do’ but listening and responding facilitated a meaningful process with no ‘expected outcome’ other than witnessing and providing a space.

We both really enjoyed this session too and felt they are definitely valuable even remotely. We both thought even though we know and have the tools as practitioners to do these exercises ourselves, it makes a big difference that someone holds the space and is present with you. We also commented that as practitioners we are more able to connect and work in this way due to our experience as bodyworkers, so for clients it may be more difficult to do so in the virtual realm.

We have planned another session where we want to explore whether we can guide each other to access clarifying touch on ourselves. Looking forward to it!

Anyone else up for swaps or a small group session with a focus on an aspect of MS, please get in touch!

Svenja x