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Bill Palmer

Very interesting about your cat Ann. I’m sure that other animals are more sensitive to voice and movement than we are consciously. Our powerful minds can take our awareness away from the present so easily.
As for your goldfish movements: reach from the mouth is one of the most fundamental movements, one of the first to emerge after birth and is also there in all other mammals and to a lesser extent in other phyla of animals – even in amoeba who don’t have mouths. It starts with the rooting reflex, stimulated through touch, and I feel that has a deep wisdom hidden in it. Basically that reflex is saying: “What you need is HERE, it is touching your cheek, all you need to do is turn your head and you will be fed”. So when I feel a need, I consciously ask my self “Can I satisfy that need with the things that are already close by?”. There is a great tendency amongst humans to look far away to try to satisfy an unsatisfied need. But the problem is usually that we are not opening ourselves to be nourished by what we already have.