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    Ann Furtado

    Hi, I’ve been catching up with the videos having been away and getting my head around a daughter’s wedding.
    I thought the videos which linked the qigong movements to the individual meridians was very interesting.
    I liked your definition, Bill, of meridians as pathways of movement formed during child development but I wondered about the relatively recent discovery that the meridians are discoverable by sensitive equipment which measures pathways of lowered electrical resistance and has thus ‘found’ the meridians in the fascia. I think it was the Chinese who did this work, I can find a link to the research if you would like me to.
    Related to that, I’ve had acupuncture for many years and have a very sensitive system and I can often follow somatically the pathway through the body created when a needle is inserted at a specific point. I feel a kind of buzz along the path. Maybe this kind of thing is how the meridians were discovered in the first place??
    Qigong isn’t often taught with a direct link to Chinese medicine which I think is a shame so thanks for doing this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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