Inner Qigong Classes in Covid Lockdown

These classes are offered freely to help people deal with the extraordinary changes of these times.

The Thursday classes (40min) are designed for everyone and focus on learning to breathe with the whole body, to expand our personal space rather than contracting into defensiveness and to deal with the fearmongering that is being pumped out of the media. Read more about Inner Qigong

The Tuesday classes (60 min) are mainly for people who have studied Inner Qigong but we are not restricting entry. Each class is recorded and we will put them up on this page.

If you want to join either class live, then register here. ( If you are already taking part, then no need to register again.)

Thursday 9-9:40 UK timeTuesday 9-10 UK time

Some people have offered to donate something and if you want to do that, you are welcome and can do so using this button.