SEED UK Programme 2020

Each of these modules can be taken independently and are open to everyone, whatever past learning they have done.

The Joy Divisions (Aligning Body and Mind):  March 13-15 now in Frome

Tensegrity, Fascia and Developmental Meridians: June 18-21 in Frome

Physical Democracy ( Words & Hands): September 24-27 in Frome

Inner Qigong Retreat:   January 7-10 2021 in Frome  (optional for Postgraduate Programme)

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[PGC] Joy Divisions: Aligning Body and Mind
Working with the Shao Yin and Tai Yang

Dates: March 13-15, 2020 in Frome, Somerset

Doing body therapies is not only about fixing problems, particularly if the condition is chronic. In chronic situations, it is easy to become dispirited and feel like a victim. In this workshop we will show how to use movement, bodywork and voice to focus on a person’s positive life-energy rather than on their problems. This approach touches the spirit and empowers the  client. 

We will show techniques for contacting the deepest structures in the body, the inner organs and the skeleton, and through these to activate the Shao Yin and Tai Yang channels. The Shao Yin connects the Kidney meridian to the Heart and provides a pathway for primal life energy to revitalise the body and light up  the person’s life. Joy is the emotion you feel when you are in touch with your core spirit, which is why Bill calls the Shao Yin the Joy Division.  The Tai Yang joins the Bladder to the Small Intestine and creates a clear channel for our authentic energy to be expressed in our actions without being squashed by social pressure. 

In a way, working with these energies gives the deepest healing, because they show us how to be authentic and enjoy life even when we have difficulty

To read an article about this work, click here

[PGC] Tensegrity, Fascia and Developmental Meridians.
Integrating the Body and Resolving internal conflict with Shao Yang and Jue Yin

Dates: June 18-21 in Frome

A workshop of Movement, Bodywork and Experiential Anatomy to explore how the fascia and connective tissues give a sense of integrity both physically and emotionally.

These tissues connect everything together and give a sense of elasticity and wholeness to the body. We will show how to contact the fascia through specific qualities of touch, how to feel and develop the elasticity of the fascia in oneself and how to use that sensation to find a sense of physical coordination and ease in movement. Bill Palmer’s research with infant development has shown that the classical meridians show the way in which babies learn to move by connecting different body parts. As adults we find other ways of moving, particularly using spirals and movements that cross the midline. These pathways of connection are embodied in the muscles and fascia, forming ‘personal meridians’ different to the innate ones. The workshop will show how to work with these myo-fascial meridians and help clients to be aware of their unique way of moving and being.

[PGC] Physical Democracy

Dates: September 24-27 2020 in Frome

Since humans are social creatures, we are concerned with pleasing and copying other people. In the process, we can lose contact with what our own body wants. Many illnesses and injuries are caused by not listening to our body and forcing it to do something that it has not ‘agreed to’. In other words, the “Inner Community” of bones. muscles, organs and cells is ruled by an autocratic mind rather than being a democracy.

The workshop will show how to help each member of the inner community to have a voice, to know what it needs and how to create clear boundaries. This approach makes Shiatsu more interactive and exploratory. Helping a client to listen to each part of their body empowers them to be an equal partner in the therapy rather than passively relying on the therapist’s expertise.

The course will be a journey of self-discovery as well as showing new ways of working with clients. It will:

  • Show how to sense the different body systems
  • Show how the organs can communicate through movement and voice
  • Show how to teach clients to sense their own body and meridians
  • Show how this helps clients to actively explore themselves in a therapy session
  • Demonstrate methods of conflict resolution which work within the body and with outer relationships

Inner Qigong Residential Retreat

January 7-12, 2021 in Frome.

This retreat will cover all three series of Inner Qigong. The retreat is not a required module for the Postgraduate Programme but is an optional extra. People who complete both the Inner Qigong Retreat and the Postgraduate Modules may be qualified to teach the first series of Inner Qigong to groups.

Read more about Inner Qigong here

Participants who complete all the three weekends will receive a Postgraduate Certificate in Somatic Exploration and Movement Shiatsu from the School for Experiential Education.

The workshops will also teach the full sequence of Inner Qigong, which can be deepened on the Inner Qigong Retreat in July. People who complete the full course and the Inner Qigong retreat will be qualified to teach Inner Qigong Classes.

Students who book for the three modules will also get free access to the online courses in Experiential Anatomy .

Venue: The Rise, Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY

Cost: See Application Form