Connecting Body and Mind

An introduction to Movement Shiatsu
A one day course, 23rd July 2022 @ Lekdanling, 14 Collent Street, London, E9 6SG
with Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland
£75 or £60 for low waged.

In this taster course you will discover how to sense the inner language of your body through movement and touch. Discover the ancient system of meridians, which are pathways of connection between different parts of the body. Feel a deeper connection to yourself and to others.

This course will help if you are :
• Someone who is looking for a deeper understanding of yourself and your body.
• Someone who is looking to work as a body therapist or coach
• A therapist wanting to learn ways of empowering a client to explore themselves through the body.
• A yoga or movement teacher looking for fresh approaches to integrating body and mind.

Leading on from this class, professional training is available in Movement Shiatsu ratified by the Shiatsu Society UK. This journey consists of three “Basics” weekends followed by a one-year certificate qualifying you to work as a Wellbeing Mentor and then a further two years to obtain the Diploma in Movement Shiatsu. Read more about Movement Shiatsu

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