What People Think About Our Courses

“Bill was my most influential teacher. In my view he has a remarkable genius and is someone who understands Chinese Medicine in a fully embodied, integrated way. His work is radical, revolutionary, inspiring.”
Daverick Leggett – Poet, Author, Qigong Teacher, Founder of Rise up Singing

Working with the Ming was an excellent introduction to Movement Shiatsu, it felt as though it focused around a central tenet of this way of working; approaching problems as life’s lessons alongside other fundamentals such as the importance of the practitioner’s approach being one of being and not doing and approaching therapy or change from the inside out in a playful, exploratory way. The course was a wonderful combination of experiencing the physical, the practical in inner qi gong, voicework, touch, and  receiving spoken teaching about the area we were exploring. I came away with lots to think about personally and professionally and very useful simple techniques I can integrate into my practice straight away as well as being aware of so much more to learn. As someone who had not received movement shiatsu before, this also felt life changing. I plan to do more courses with you, Thank you to Bill, Teresa and everyone there.

The teaching was excellent, I love it when a person, is such a master of their area that when they speak it sounds incredibly simple and yet there is so much packed in to what they are saying. I also liked the combination of theory and practice, that really helps me to learn and understand. I also learnt much from Bill’s way of being – really living and being what he teaches and has learnt, in many, many ways.

The approach feels like a missing piece for me, drawing on principles I have held dear in group work and community work, some with disabled people and taking it into bodywork, which is part of what I offer as an insight herbalist. I have been aware and wanting to come for several years, it was worth the wait!
Hettie Peplow – Insight Herbalist, Community Worker (UK)

“The ‘Six forms of Touch’ course with Bill and Teresa was a wonderful experience for me, extending my awareness on how different forms of touch can support a more equal and exploratory relationship between me and my clients. I particularly enjoyed the self-development aspect of the course and discovering how my own body responds when touched and held in different ways. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to further explore their own self and touch development.”
Svenja Schaper Principal of Margate School of Movement Shiatsu

“I first encountered Bill Palmer in the 1980s when he was already on top of his game as one of the early pioneers of Shiatsu in the UK. Since that time, he has refined and distilled his thinking and in-depth research into Western and Eastern models of medicine and physiology, combined with an original interpretation of baby development, to produce a unique form of practice that, through bringing into awareness the subtle movements, processes and “energies” of the body, succeeds like no other method I know, in recalibrating and harmonising the often conflictual relationship between body and mind.”
Alan Gluckman – Television Producer

Six Forms of Touch, is a clear and profound introduction to working to support a strong mindbody connection. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in deepening their practice. Thank you.”.
Karen Livesey Shiatsu Practitioner, Video Creator, Inner Qigong Teacher

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in bodywork and / or self development. A unique, in depth, yet accessible approach which I would love to explore further.”
Phil DarcyYoga Teacher

It’s a friendly space and group where I felt totally welcome and valued amongst experts in their field, despite being very inexperienced. The exercises and body work can be challenging or deeply relaxing but always insightful. I particularly enjoy the way that esoteric ideas are presented, demonstrated and worked through in such an accessible, fun way”.
Doug Edwardes-Ker

The shiatsu I had done before this course seemed to be concerned with balancing energy to recreate the “model human”. Movement Shiatsu seems to be concerned with evolution of the human being along an unchartered path. For me this is much more exciting as we are exploring the unknown rather than working towards a fixed model of perfection. 
Henry McGrath – Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture

“This week in which we focused on understanding the Ming was inspirational.
I have worked with and studied Chinese medicine for 30years and this week provided new insights and learning for me through the various embodying experiments and body-work we did, the QiGong and the wonderful lucid talks from Bill and Teresa.”

Jackie Pamment – Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine (UK)

I highly recommend working with Bill & Teresa and do the movement shiatsu training, no matter if you are an experienced Shiatsu practitioner or a shiatsu beginner: Movement Shiatsu helps tremendously to find a deeper understanding of Shiatsu, the Meridian system and the process of life.

My work with clients changed a lot. Instead of “just giving treatments“ , (which is not to be diminished since I do this successfully for 15 years now,) I now can help my clients by giving tools to find ways to heal themselves, to explore their own body. For long term results and especially for chronic conditions, Movement Shiatsu is a wonderful method to bring sustainable change:

Bill is a top-notch Shiatsu teacher, very kind, experienced and with a profound knowledge. He has worked in this field for decades now and teaches worldwide together with his wife Teresa, also an excellent and experienced Shiatsu teacher. The way both teach, explain and help you by finding your own potential as a practitioner is special and unique. Both are not only amazing teachers, they are kind and wonderful souls. They share their knowledge in a very generous way.

I’m so grateful that our ways crossed ! I learned so much from them. I found validation for my personal understanding of Shiatsu and my own Shiatsu style.
Silke – Shiatsu Therapist & Dancer (Germany)

“What I really liked about the course amongst many things was the physical experimental work. How the experience of an exercise can be transferred and integrated into the practical body-work. “.
Claire Best – Yoga Teacher

After a rough start in life, I have been through numerous regular- and alternative therapies to try to get beyond those challenges. It’s a beautiful paradox that Movement Shiatsu -which is all about active exploring- is the one thing that helped me most in transforming from a human doing, into a human being.”
Katalijn Ritsema van Eck – Business Coach and Shiatsu Practitioner (Netherlands)

Movement Shiatsu, for me, is about exploring, getting in touch with myself and the world, playing, processing, developing, learning exciting techniques, having fun. This includes workshops, treatments, the Inner Qi Gong, teachers and me.

It´s quite a journey for me, starting in 2010 in a workshop in Heidelberg, Germany. It was the first time I felt comfortable with my liver-energy, was able to see its potential not the disadvantages. So I decided to learn more, and I´m learning and playing since. The workshops might have the same topic, but they never are the same. There is still further exploring and improving, depending on the group and Bills and Teresas own process.

At the moment I do the Qi Gong classes online and explore my body in different ways. The breathing exercises are really helpful with long-covid. While working with the psoas muscle I came in touch with a strength I had no access to for a long time. Sometimes  pains and aches are popping up. Bill and Teresa encourage the process of integrating them instead of getting rid of them.To make it short and easy: it changed my life for the better. Thank you for your work Bill and Teresa!”
Heike Zill, Physiotherapist and Movement Shiatsu practitioner (Germany)

Bill and Teresa are exceptionally good at creating a space for individuals to develop
Eileen Young – Scientist, Movement Shiatsu Practitioner

A wonderfully nourishing and intensive course including Qi Gong, body work, listening, voice work and brief lectures to uncover theory and principles. It has many facets and is easily accessible for anyone interested in self-exploration and working with other people. Bill and Teresa provide a very kind, supportive and knowledgeable framework in which to develop and explore. They are an excellent team and complement each other well. I appreciate the kindness and attention they give.
Carrie Salzedo – Writer, Shiatsu Therapist and Movement Shiatsu Teacher

I can say that Movement Shiatsu gave me a model for my life, it’s an open and flexible model, or simply a path that is flexible yet secure, its is the missing link between physicality and something deeper. One of the biggest lessons was learning about my boundaries, I don’t think I had any, I have learnt I can have them and that’s how I feel safe now. This path has given me organisation without restricting me, in reality it has given me the desired freedom.

The filters I use now for facing decisions or challenges in life are:

What sensations do I feel with this?

How can I activate and feel motivated to do it, solve it, finish it?

What have I learnt from this? How can I integrate this learning into my life? 

Actually in my life I feel so grateful for Shiatsu that gave me the foundation for a better and healthier lifestyle, and Movement Shiatsu have integrated into my life and gave me structure to create the life I wanted, there is no one day that I don’t enjoy giving treatments and supporting my clients, I run my own business, a social enterprise that works promoting and expanding Holistic Therapies in my community and my own approach to life has improved and keeps improving every day, I can see how my clients health improve as my practice has become highly effective.”
Ruth Patrizzi – Shiatsu Therapist, Holistic Entrepreneur, Inner Qigong Teacher

Overall, I found the 5 days to be incredibly enriching and valuable.  The location was enchanting, tranquil and magical. The food was delicious. I also appreciated the sense of community that developed among the participants. There was a mutual respect and supportiveness within the group that contributed to a positive and trusting atmosphere.The course was engaging and well-structured with  ample opportunities for exploration and self-discovery.  I also enjoyed the evening events, especially the party. The course has sparked my enthusiasm to deepen my understanding and incorporate the philophophy more into my practise and my life.Thank you for organizing such a meaningful and impactful experience. I look forward to continuing the journey with Bill and Teresa.
Petra Arida – Complementary Therapist, (Switzerland)