Margate School of Movement Shiatsu

Courses in Movement Shiatsu for Beginners

Taster Workshops in Margate – half-day courses with Svenja Schaper, principal of the Margate School of Movement Shiatsu

The next programme starts in February 2023.

Foundation Course : Two three day weekends click here for more details

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th February 2023
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March 2023

Cost: £450 for 6 days incl. lunch

One Year Certificate in Bodywork for Wellbeing: 10 weekends in Margate
Qualifying you to help people maintain and enhance their wellbeing through touch and movement.

Diploma in Movement Shiatsu: Two further years of study in Margate and at SEED in Frome leading to a qualification to practise Movement Shiatsu professionally and to be recognised by the Shiatsu Society UK.

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    All Basics Courses cover the same material with the same learning hours.