Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Courses with School for Experiential Education

Postgraduate Certificate Formats

In 2023 and 2024 we are presenting this course as a 5 day residential course ,   followed by six online ‘Masterclass” modules from October to December. The Masterclasses will be recorded and available for self study after the live classes finish.  The Residential and the series of Masterclasses can be taken separately and independently but to receive the Certificate, you need to attend both. You can spread your attendance of the modules over several years. In that case, when you have completed all necessary modules, the Postgraduate Certificate will be issued.

Course Tutors
The courses are designed by Bill Palmer and our intention is that Bill and Teresa Hadland will teach the courses together. If one of them is unable to teach then the other will facilitate the course, possibly with another assistant.

What can you expect from the Postgraduate Certificate modules?

The course is an advanced study course in therapeutic approaches which can be applied in the context of a body-therapy or movement-therapy session. Since the theory is based on Western insights to Developmental Movement and Oriental knowledge of the energetic functions of the organism, this is particularly relevant to practitioners working within the context of Shiatsu or other Oriental Therapies. However, this is not a pre-requisite and several dance therapists, movement therapists, and psychotherapists have taken the course successfully.

What can you expect from the Experiential Anatomy modules?

If you have enrolled in the SEED programme or attended specific courses in Europe you may have been enrolled in the two online courses we offer on Experiential Anatomy. In this case, you will be given login details and you can access the courses at the login page

We are in the process of completely rebuilding these courses and adding further modules. In the meantime, any past students will have full access to all the modules and to a discussion forum. In this transition period, each module will be published on a single web page.

We are responsible for keeping your membership data secure, please read our Privacy Policy for details.

We are not responsible for temporary loss of access due to actions by our internet providers or hackers.


Payment by instalments
We are keen to include anyone who is sincerely interested in our work. If your income does not mean that you can afford to pay for the course in the normal timescale we are happy to arrange for payment by instalments over a longer period. Please write to us and ask.

Early Bird and Alumni Discounts
If you commit to all the modules in a programme and pay the required deposit before the early bird date,  you may receive an early bird discount. This discount may also apply to regular attendees whenever they book for the course (at our total discretion). The discount will be subtracted from the final payment you make in the whole course.

Who do I pay?

Exapia Ltd, SEED is the trading name of this company.. If you are paying in Euros or other currencies than GB Pounds, you can pay through Wise.com.  We have a dedicated Euro account with Wise, so paying in Euros from an EU or SEPA country can be done by direct bank transfer.

How much deposit is required?

We ask for an initial deposit of £150 (or 175€) to reserve your place on the residential.  This is normally non-refundable, but if the reason for cancellation is covid related or a serious illness of yourself or close family member then we will either offer you a partial refund (at our total discretion) or put the whole of your deposit towards a future course with us.

Where are the Residential Courses held?

Earthspirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Near Glastonbury, Somerset.

What are the accommodation fees?

2024 prices
All these prices include three meals a day and unlimited beverages for five days.
Shared Ensuite  £335
Shared Standard (shared bathroom) £290
Camping £250
Single Supplement Ensuite and Standard  £72
Special Diets (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free) £20
PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU NEED A SINGLE SUPPLEMENT AND/OR A SPECIAL DIET. Also can you tell us whether you would prefer an ensuite room or a standard room (which might be a caravan). We will do our best to satisfy your requests as long as we receive them soon.
There are only limited number of singles possible so it will be first come first served.

What happens if I want to cancel?

If you want to cancel before the course starts, you will simply lose the deposits you have made since we will have to pay these to the venues in any case.

If you want to cancel after the course starts, it will depend on the reason for cancellation. If you are seriously ill and cannot attend the rest of the course for medical reasons, we will refund you most of the value of the remainder of the course, calculated pro-rata on the number of teaching days the course still has left to run. For this to apply, you need to give us an official signed letter from your doctor, describing the condition and the reason that you cannot continue.

If you want to cancel after the course starts for another reason then we will listen to your reasons and, at our sole discretion, give a refund if we feel it is appropriate. We are under no obligation to refund any course fees but will do so, without prejudice, in a way we feel is fair to the circumstances.

Does the course count for CPD hours?

In UK and Netherlands, SEED is registered as a CPD provider. FOr other countries you need to check whether the course is validated.

What qualification do I get from the course?

If you are already qualified in Shiatsu or another form of body therapy and attend the entire course you will get a Postgraduate Certificate from the School for Experiential Education. This also qualifies you to enter the Teacher Training programme in Inner Qigong.

Complaints and Feedback

If you have a complaint or any feedback about the course, the course tutors, the mentors or the venues then you can at any time write to course_admin@seed.org . We promise to take your feedback seriously and to follow up any complaint with a discussion with you. Our teachers and mentors are very careful to always make clear what is expected of you and to gain your agreement before putting it into practice. If you feel that they have been negligent in this or any other matter then we will, in addition to discussing the matter with you and if your complaint seems to be a real breach of our code of conduct, suggest methods of reparation and of future change to our conduct to satisfy you.

As our teachers are members of the Shiatsu Society they are bound to adhere to the Shiatsu Society’s Codes of Conduct and Ethics and, if you are not satisfied with our internal procedures for dealing with your complaint, then you may write to the Shiatsu Society to mediate the issue.

Changes to these Terms

We affirm the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. However,  if you have paid deposits or fees on the basis of these terms then the terms as published on the date of your last payment or agreement will hold for the purpose of any legal contract between you and the School for Experiential Education unless you agree in writing or by electronic confirmation to the proposed changes.