Bill Palmer

Bill is Supervising Director of the School for Experiential Education and the originator of Movement Shiatsu. He was one of the pioneers of Shiatsu in Europe and a founder of the Shiatsu Society in the UK and was its chair and journal editor. He also created and edited the Journal of Shiatsu and Oriental Body Therapy. He teaches postgraduate courses in 10 countries worldwide.

Teresa Hadland

Teresa is an accredited teacher of Shiatsu and of Movement Shiatsu and co-teaches worldwide postgraduate courses with Bill.  For 11 years she taught on the BA in Complementary and Holistic Therapies at the University of Derby and ran her own 3-year Shiatsu Practitioner Training Course. She is now an assessor for Shiatsu teachers in the UK.

David Ventura

David Ventura is the founder and director of the School of Movement Shiatsu in Barcelona and the director of SEED in Spain. He also teaches postgraduate courses in Madrid, Denmark, Italy and Argentina.

Jonathan Clifford

Jonathan is a Course Tutor at the School for Experiential Education and is an accredited teacher of Tuina and of Movement Shiatsu. He teaches Shiatsu at the Kikai School in London and Tuina at the London College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bill Commerford

Bill is a Course Tutor at the School for Experiential Education and is principal at the Ki-Kai Shiatsu School in London.

Ruth Patrizzi

Ruth Patrizzi

Ruth is a Shiatsu Teacher, a sports massage therapist and part of the teaching team at SEED.
She has  established a Social Enterprise in North London. Here, she dedicates her efforts to working with individuals grappling with disabilities, mental health challenges, and chronic ailments, offering them support on their path to health and wellness. Her website is  @heartfelthandstherapies

Audicia Lynn Morley

Audicia is the artistic director of State Theta Galleries and is an accredited teacher of Shiatsu and Movement Shiatsu. She co-founded the Edinburgh Shiatsu School and is a world-renowned teacher of Dance and Movement Arts.