NEWS: The free Inner Qigong classes have been a wonderful experience with people joining from all round the world. Thank all of you who made some donation during that time, we really appreciated it.

From August 1st we are opening a subscription service: you join the club and pay £5 a week for as many live sessions as you want plus the ability to catch up if you miss. When face to face Inner Qigong lessons start again, your subscription will allow you to attend those as well.

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We are planning to restart face to face courses again at the end of September – for more information go to Seed Postgraduate Programme

The School for Experiential Education (SEED) is a centre for teaching Movement Based Therapies and Somatic Exploration.

We run postgraduate courses worldwide for body-based therapists . These courses train practitioners how to involve the client more in the treatment, teaching clients to be aware of their bodies and postural patterns and how to experiment with changing those patterns.

We also teach courses in Inner Qigong and Somatic Exploration open to everyone who wants to explore themselves through the body.

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Courses in 2020-21

The SEED Programme 2020-21

The International Postgraduate Certificate Programme


Exploring Inner Qigong with Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland
Tuesday Mornings 9-10 (Now online until Covid crisis settles)

Developing inner resources and resilience and finding internal peace.

This class gives a framework for exploring yourself through movement, voicework and visualisation. Inner Qigong is not a fixed set of exercises but a system of awareness experiments through which you can discover what you want to work on in yourself. It also gives you practical ways of developing a personalised daily practice which focuses on those areas.

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Cost: by donation.


We have recently rebuilt and improved our online courses and are regularly adding new lessons.

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When you have registered or when you log in in the future, go to the starting page and navigate to the lessons you want to study.