Online Module Registration & Inner Qigong Subscription

We run two online self-study courses:

Experiential Anatomy takes you on a journey through your body, learning to sense and move organs, bones and muscles. It also gives unique videos showing how to work with clients to help them to sense their own bodies.

Meridians & Development of Infant Movement
This course introduces the research of Bill Palmer into how infant movement develops precisely along the pathways of meridians. This opens up ways in which people can complement meridian based bodywork with movement experiments and is one of the foundations of Movement Shiatsu

Inner Qigong Self-study: We run a continuous twice weekly class on Inner Qigong which is a self-exploration system, showing how to activate and harmonise the meridians of Chinese Medicine through movement. This Self-study module gives you access to one complete cycle of the qigong from our archives plus bonus articles and videos on the theory behind the qigong.

Note: this Inner Qigong course is for self-study – if you want to take part in the live classes you need to subscribe