Articles past students and clients have written about Movement Shiatsu.

What I have gained from Movement Shiatsu  by Henry McGrath

My experience of the  Movement Shiatsu  Postgraduate Programme by Claire Best

A Client’s View of Movement Shiatsu by Simon Grisdale

Reviews of courses

“Bill was my most influential teacher. In my view he has a remarkable genius and is someone who understands Chinese medicine in a fully embodied, integrated way. His work is radical, revolutionary, inspiring.” Daverick Leggett 2018

“The ‘Six forms of touch’ course with Bill and Teresa was a wonderful experience for me, extending my awareness on how different forms of touch can support a more equal and exploratory relationship between me and my clients. I particularly enjoyed the self-development aspect of the course and discovering how my own body responds when touched and held in different ways. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to further explore their own self and touch development.” Svenja Schaper 2019

“Six Forms of Touch, is a clear and profound introduction to working to support a strong mindbody connection. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in deepening their practice. Thank you.”. Karen Livesey 2019

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in bodywork and / or self development. A unique, in depth, yet accessible approach which I would love to explore further.” Phil Darcy

“It’s a friendly space and group where I felt totally welcome and valued amongst experts in their field, despite being very inexperienced. The exercises and body work can be challenging or deeply relaxing but always insightful. I particularly enjoy the way that esoteric ideas are presented, demonstrated and worked through in such an accessible, fun way”. Doug Edwardes-Ker