Foundation Course

Coming Home to the Body

6-Day Foundation Course in Movement Shiatsu

Touch connects us to life.

Movement is the language of the body.

When we combine conscious touch and movement, we empower the wisdom of the body for self-healing.

The Movement Shiatsu approach to bodywork sees the body as a community, where all the different parts of us have their own personality. Through becoming aware of and listening to the different parts of us, we make body-mind connections that support a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Discover the ancient system of Meridians, which we see as pathways of connection between different parts of the body. Feel a deeper connection to yourself and to others.

Movement Shiatsu combines Oriental Medicine tradition with experiential anatomy and the movement system of Inner Qigong. Growing our own body awareness informs how we connect to and treat others with touch.

During the Movement Shiatsu Foundation Course you will

  • discover the basic principles of Shiatsu touch (weight transfer, moving and connecting from Hara)
  • increase your own body awareness and guide others to become aware of their own bodies using interactive body scans and experiential anatomy
  • learn to make contact and connect to the body using Movement Shiatsu forms of touch and stretches
  • use Inner Qigong to work with breath, inner organs, combining voice and movement
  • explore the concept of Yin and Yang in yourself and others
  • delve into the Five Phases of transformation (Five Element Oriental Theory) in relation to yourself
  • start exploring the 3 Families (Daoist Meridian System based on the 6 Divisions) and their wellbeing functions

The guiding principle of our journey is exploratory, experiential and interactive learning rooted in the felt sense of our own body.

The 6 days Foundation Course comprises of 36 hours and is taught over two three-day blocks. It can be taken as a standalone course for your personal and/or career development and to use with friends and family.

If you are interested in going deeper you can continue your journey onto our Year 1 certified course in Bodywork for Wellbeing, qualifying you as Wellbeing Mentor based in Movement Shiatsu. This requires 20 more days of study over either 10 2-day or 5 4-day weekends. The Foundation Course forms the basis for this certification.


17th/18th/19th February 2023

24th/25th/26th March 2023


START Friday at 12:30 LUNCH, class 2-8 PM

Saturday 10 – 5:30 PM

Sunday 9 – 4:30 PM


£450; includes a seasonal plant based lunch each day

Deposit of £150 secures your place

The remaining £300 to be paid in full by Thursday 16th February 2023. If you require a different payment plan, please let me know. Booking deadline Friday 20th January.

Venue: Westbrook, Margate, CT9 5DY, Kent (90 minutes train journey from London St Pancras)

To book contact:

Svenja Schaper
Movement Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher
Registered with the Shiatsu Society UK; MRSS/T, PGCE
Email: Mobile: 07842 563 298