Aligning Body and Mind

The workshop focuses on working with four meridians whose function is to align our Actions with our Intentions. We often do things that are harmful to ourselves because the motivation does not come from our spirit. In fact we often forget how to listen to the internal energy and the body becomes stiff and inflexible because we are inhibiting our authentic impulses.

We will show how we can get in touch with our primal energy – and listen to its truth. It is not necessary to always act on this primal energy but it’s important to be aware of it and, so to speak, to get its agreement for our actions. We will use Movement, Voice and Bodywork to access these internal impulses and allow them to have their say. This will also include training in a Tibetan spontaneous movement practice called Rushen, whose purpose is to liberate and let go of energy that has been inhibited and buried in the body.

More physically, we will demonstrate how force can flow through the body clearly if the body and mind work together. At the deepest level, this is dependent on the skeleton being aligned and we will be showing you great techniques (both safe and non-invasive) for helping the bones to adjust themselves so as to facilitate clear flow of energy through the body.

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