Working with Core Process through the Three Meridian Families

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Some problems don’t seem to go away because they come from a basic conflict within the person. The person is stuck in a position of fighting with their true nature. The problems often emerge in relationships, in emotional patterns and in physical vulnerabilities.

In Chinese medicine, these issues can be seen as a manifestation of what is called the Ming (). This is often translated as “Destiny” but it can be seen as describing the agenda of your life rather than a fixed fate. Instead of trying to ‘cure’ these core problems we can learn how to reframe them into opportunities for development of the true self.

The three Families of meridians that are the foundation of Movement Shiatsu can give practical ways of doing this. The combined energy of the Families transform the state of the client from being a victim into an active explorer, taking charge of their life and using their condition to fulfil their potential. Instead of trying to cure or fix problems, they show how to transcend them.

This course looks at how these core problems can be seen as interruptions to natural life processes and how we can use the body to transform them into life lessons. The course will:

  1. Show how to work with emotional patterns through movement and touch
  2. Use the Gestalt Cycle to understand the types of interruptions to processes
  3. Show how to use Three Meridian Families to identify and liberate stuck processes
  4. Learn experiments, qigong and explorations to give a client to do at home.

We are teaching this workshop in four more places in 2023.

1) In Wageningen, Netherlands from 26-28 May. This workshop is almost full

2) In Zurich, Switzerland from 16-18thJune. Still some places left.

3) In BarcelonaSpain from 29th June – 2nd July. Almost full

4) In Hamburg,Germany from 3rd-5th November.

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