Weekly Inner Qigong Classes Online

We run two Inner Qigong classes per week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-10 am UK time. These are both available to join online. The Tuesday class is also held face to face in Frome.

Subscribers will also have access to our live Inner Qigong Catch-up Videos and bonus lectures and guided meditations.

If you would like to sample the classes, you can review the first two in this series below.

If you would like to subscribe to have access to two live classes a week (online or face to face) and bonus videos, please go to https://www.seed.org/payment-launcher.

If you haven’t already registered on the website do so with the form on the bottom of this page and you will be taken to the subscription page.

If you want to take the complete Inner Qigong course or our full course in Experiential Anatomy including Movement Shiatsu techniques then you can enrol in our Online Learning System

First Series Lesson 1 – Filling Space – Relaxing onto the Earth – Bottle Breathing

First Series Lesson 2 – Focusing on the Spleen – Filling and Nourishing the flesh