Holland Covid Consequences

These are recordings from the course we ran on Wednesday 6th October 2021.

The processes we presented are focused around dealing with the consequences of the Covid pandemic in clients. This includes dealing with the Long Covid syndrome.

These consequences fall into three groups:

1 – Lack of energy, fatigue, shortness of breath and depression.
We find that all of the techniques we present in this workshop are helpful. Breathing into the lobes of the lungs, activating the inner organs, valuing what you CAN do rather than stressing about what you CAN’T do.

2 – Disconnection from others and from yourself
This is a common response to trauma and the pandemic, lockdown, change of lifestyle, loss of loved ones have all contributed to a global trauma. We have been shocked out of a complacency that was based on the illusion that society and the world in general was sustainable. Both Covid and Climate Change have broken that illusion and it is so big that people often shut down parts of themselves, cutting themselves off from feeling because otherwise they would be overwhelmed. The practice of Rushen, in particular, is a practical way of unburying parts of the body-mind that have been locked away and pushed into the unconscious.

3. Passivity and Despair
We have been following the regulations imposed by government and inhibiting our own creativity and spontaneity for 18 months. On top of that, the world of social media and digital capitalism is bombarding us with messages about how we should live, how we should be. Compliance is useful in times of emergency but it is dangerous for the environment and for human society if people feel themselves to need leaders and don’t take responsibility for themselves. All the processes we present give practical ways of helping people to become active explorers, taking responsibility for themselves rather than relying on the expertise of a therapist to fix their problems.

2. Breathing into the lobes of the lungs

3. Exploring the Body with the breath

4. Valuing Every Part

5. Re-connecting through the Fascia

6. Rushen – Liberating and Unburying Trauma