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Inner Qigong is a unique form of self-exploration. It has roots in Qigong, Aikido, Yantra Yoga, Dzog Chen and Developmental Movement. It is a system of self-exploration which sends you deep into the physical body, learning to communicate with the inner organs, the fascia, the muscles and the bones.

The formal movements embody the energy of the Six Divisions making a connection between the meridians of the leg ( relating to the Earth) and the meridians of the arm and head (relating to the Heavens).

Each Division is related to a stage of infant development and Inner Qigong includes yoga like sequences which follow developmental movement patterns and create the physical foundation for the Qigong .

We run two Inner Qigong classes per week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9-10 am UK time. These are both available to join online. The Tuesday class is also held face to face in Frome.

Subscribers will also have access to our live Inner Qigong Catch-up Videos and bonus lectures and guided meditations.

If you would like to subscribe to have access to two live classes a week (online or face to face) and bonus videos, please go to

If you would like to sample the classes, you can register for the free taster on Tuesday 7th Sept 2021 from 9-10am UK time, 10am Europe Time and/or Thursday 9th Sept 9-10am UK time

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