Inner Qigong New Year Retreat 2021

Dates: January 7-10, 2021  in Frome, Somerset

Inner Qigong is a system of self exploration, each series focusing on one of three archetypal body-mind energy functions.

We use Voice and Movement experiments to explore how we embody and express these functions and from these formal movements are developed. The three series of Inner Qigong activate and bring into awareness the functions of a related group of meridians.

Series One focuses on Organ Tone, Expansion, Expression, Openness, Clear Boundaries and Interchange between Self and Other.

Series Two focuses on Alignment of the Skeleton, Alignment of Body and Mind, Understanding of the difference between Inner Motivation and Outer Conditioning, finding Clarity.

Series Three focuses on Muscles and Fascia, Connecting all parts of the body, Finding the Centre, Using Spiral movements to help all parts of the body to collaborate.

For an article about Inner Qigong, see here

The cost of the course is £245 + accommodation if needed, People who have attended the whole Postgraduate Certificate in the past will get a 15% discount

The course will take place in Frome.

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