In the last weeks before the summer break the theme for each class is suggested by participants. In the first week, Marcella has asked to explore the movement and energetics of the upper back. We first loosen the ribs, spine and shoulders in this area and then look at how this area is involved in the movements in all three families of meridians.

37. Stages of Development – The Spleen Meridian (Thursday 27th June)

38. Spirals and Cylinders

40. Spontaneity
In a way, all things are spontaneous. If you decide to do something, it feels like you are in control. But where did that decision come from? Maybe you had some thoughts, some saying one thing, some saying another. But at some point a decision was made. That decision can be traced back to your value system, your energy level, your feelings – but where do they come from? At some point you come to an origin for the decision over which you have no control, it just comes up from the depths. So I don’t like using the words “spontaneous movement”. I prefer to say, “non-habitual movement”.

We compress our potential. Partly to feel safe. We follow what is seen as normal, or what is familiar and safe. These are our habitual patterns. In the process, many parts of ourself (our-selves) are buried and silenced. Some spontaneous movement systems like Katsugen Undo (it just means spontaneous movement in Japanese) create a safe space for these buried parts to come out and play. And because they have been bottled up for ever, the result can be quite explosive and many people believe that spontaneous movement is this letting off steam. But all it is is letting off steam.

True non-habitual movement is the authentic voice of a part of our inner community which is not part of our usual group of spokes-people. It may need to let off the pressure of being silenced at first but after that, you find it can speak – usually in movement, often in sound but not usually through the verbal system. This practice shows a technique for accessing and liberating these non-habitual members of your inner group.

41 Bubbles in the Lake