This online course by two pioneering teachers of Movement and Body Therapy is being run as a fundraiser for Fair Frome, a charity that makes a huge difference in Somerset supporting people who have fallen through the cracks in this highly unequal society we live in.

Traditionally the 6th January is called the night of misrule. When the habitual order of things was turned upside down and servants could act as the lord. This online class on the 6th aims to help you change those habits that you want to let go of. Changing habits is hard;  remember all those broken New Year’s resolutions! This is because they are etched into your body and nervous system. In this class, we are showing you how to LOOSEN your habits through playful movement experiments from Movement Shiatsu. When habits are loosened in this way, they start to change by themselves. Who knows? They might change for the better!

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