Working with the Ming

Monday 8th – Trusting Developmental Process
Instead of trying to fix
Working with Internal Organs and Non-controlled movement

Tai Yin Qigong – Develops inner expansion

Tuesday 9th – Developing Autonomy
Maintaining Boundaries – Externalising Introjects
The Yang Ming & First Family Qigong – Push out as an extension of expansion.

Wednesday 10th – Valuing Resources
Valuing the Inner Community – Working with tension by praising it.
Jue Yin Qigong – Connecting the Body through fascia and muscles “lengthening with tone”

Thursday 11th – Loosening Patterns
Instead of trying to change patterns
Seaweed Qigong – Giving space for each part of the body to Lead Movement

Dancing Joints – Helping both sides of a joint to dance together

Friday 12th – Bones and Core Process
Sensing Spirit – when can you assimilate outer energy without being squashed
Finger Qigong – integrates all the three families

The Xing and the Ming – Heart Life and Life Lessons


Online Interview with Bill about Physical Democracy & The Six Forms of Touch

The Third Family Explained