Physical Democracy Short Course

Since humans are social creatures, we are concerned with pleasing and copying other people. In the process, we can lose contact with what our own body wants. Many illnesses and injuries are caused by not listening to our body and forcing it to do something that it has not ‘agreed to’. In other words, the “Inner Community” of bones. muscles, organs and cells is ruled by an autocratic mind rather than being a democracy.

The inspiration for the workshop comes from a particular form of democracy successfully tried by several communities worldwide. The basis of this form of living together allows a community to act efficiently and make decisions easily without forming discontented subgroups. We will show how to apply this method to the way you treat your inner community and how you treat clients.

This approach makes Shiatsu more interactive and exploratory. Helping a client to listen to each part of their body empowers them to be an equal partner in the therapy rather than passively relying on the therapist’s expertise.

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