Holiday Practice Winter 2021

Expanding and Condensing
This practice focuses on another way of breathing. Instead of the in-breath and the out-breath being different, this breathing focuses on doing the same action (e.g. expanding or condensing) on both the in-and out- breath. This leads into my basic belief about the universe and the foundation of Inner Qigong.

Solstice Practice
This practice makes connection between the four corners of the year and the four phases of breathing and shows how to incorporate that imagery into the First Family Inner Qigong.
We wish you a peaceful, joyful and inspiring New Year.

Breathing with the Lobes of the Lungs:
The breathing that we did on Tuesday focused on the muscles and bones. This is the reality, it’s how breathing works. But when you focus on muscles, the Mind starts to feel it has to DO something and can’t let the Body do the breathing. If you can imagine that the organs are the actors in breathing, then something different happens and the movements seem to come spontaneously from inside. This meditation offers you the opportunity to feel the lungs breathing rather than the diaphragm and ribs.