The Joy Divisions

Working with the Shao Yin and Tai Yang to liberate the Spirit

Doing Shiatsu is not only about fixing problems, particularly if the condition is chronic. In chronic situations, it is easy to become dispirited and feel like a victim. In this workshop we will show how to use movement, Shiatsu and voice to focus on a person’s positive life-energy rather than on their problems. This approach touches the spirit and empowers the  client. 

We will show techniques for contacting the deepest structures in the body, the inner organs and the skeleton, and through these to activate the Shao Yin and Tai Yang channels. The Shao Yin connects the Kidney meridian to the Heart and provides a pathway for primal life energy to revitalise the body and light up  the person’s life. Joy is the emotion you feel when you are in touch with your core spirit, which is why Bill calls the Shao Yin the Joy Division.  The Tai Yang joins the Bladder to the Small Intestine and creates a clear channel for our authentic energy to be expressed in our actions without being squashed by social pressure. 

In a way, working with these energies gives the deepest healing, because they show us how to be authentic and enjoy life even when we have difficulty.

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