The Voice of the Organs

We will use bodywork, voicework and techniques from dramatherapy to get in touch with the energy of the internal organs and help them to express themselves directly. In our view, the body is not a machine with components but a community of autonomous agents who work together to make a living being. But the ego-mind is so dominant that it generally ignores the wisdom of these organ-beings and forces the body-community to do its will. 

Body based psychotherapies normally use the body to get in touch with unconscious emotion but then process what comes up verbally. So in some sense the mind is still the leader or the mediator of the body-community. In this workshop we will learn how the organs and other aspects of the body can express themselves in the first person and process things in their own non-verbal language. This is a profound and practical way of safely dealing with trauma and other unconscious issues which are often hidden in the deep tissues of the body. 

The energies that are hidden in the internal organs are not only traumatic and painful. In the process of growing up, we also suppress and hide our joy, our spontaneity and our sense of wonder. So hopefully, the workshop will help you to be aware of yourself in a deep way that releases old pain and gives space for the joy of life. You do not need to be a therapist or have any prior experience to do this course but, if you do work with clients, it will give you new tools for working with the body and helping people to discover and empower themselves.

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