Words and Hands

This workshop will show how to use a Shiatsu session to help a client in their personal development and to deal with chronic issues.

Because a chronic condition becomes part of a person’s self-image they often have an unconscious resistance to change. The Six Forms of Touch are methods of helping a client to explore their own patterns and to become more active in the therapy. Each one helps a person to sense the energy of one of the Six Divisions in themselves and to work with their patterns in ways that encourage natural change.

In this workshop we will focus on two forms of touch, activating a family of four meridians that make Shiatsu more interactive. The work transforms the client from a passive recipient of the therapy into an active self-explorer.

We will show:

  • How to use words and open questions to stimulate a client’s awareness
  • How to teach a client to sense their own needs within the therapy.
  • How to be aware of unconscious agreements you make with a client
  • How to clarify personal boundaries and work with conscious consent
  • How to work with resistance to change
  • How to integrate talking into the bodywork to empower the client

The session becomes a process of self-exploration as well as a treatment and the client is given practical tools for continuing the work on themselves into their everyday lives

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