The Ming is a profound concept in Chinese Medicine. It embodies the tendencies and patterns that define the lessons you came into life to learn.

Some Taoist medical texts state that if you work with Qi without taking account of the Ming then the treatment will not be effective. The Ming can be seen as a landscape through which your Qi and your life flows. This means that some treatment aims (like liberating a Jitsu-Kyo pattern) are fighting against the Ming and will only work temporarily, if at all. The landscape is fairly fixed and could be seen as an obstacle to your ambitions of perfect balance. But it is more useful to see it as the shape and meaning of your life. You cannot aim for perfection but you can aim to fulfil your potential.

Movement Shiatsu focuses on helping a client to explore their Ming and thus to re-evaluate their problems as lessons to be learned. This means the sessions are more interactive and the treatment is not determined by a ‘Qi-diagnosis’. The practitioner becomes a guide, giving clients tools and experiments through which to explore themselves. 

Instead of trying  to fix problems or change your patterns, working with the Ming stimulates natural development. This fulfils a deeper purpose in your life and your long-term patterns and problems become opportunities rather than obstacles.

In 2023-24 we are running a three part programme on Working with the Ming. You can take all or some of this programme but taking it all qualifies you for the SEED Postgraduate Certificate in Movement Shiatsu & Inner Qigong

Six ONLINE Masterclasses on the techniques that Movement Shiatsu uses to help a client explore and listen to their body. See more and book for the Masterclasses

A five day residential near Glastonbury in the UK. April 7th -12th 2024.
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Two classes a week on Inner Qigong which can be taken online. One of these is also taught face to face in Frome. See more and subscribe for the Inner Qigong