Masterclass: Working with the Three Families

How to use Somatic Exploration and the “Three Family” Cycles to deal with trauma and emotional or energetic disturbances.

This course is designed for people who have studied with Bill and Teresa before, but is also open to experienced practitioners of any form of body- therapy. Movement Shiatsu specialises in dealing with chronic conditions, trauma and disabilities but is also particularly effective as a method of wellness coaching since it shows clients how to use subtle awareness of their body to resolve internal conflicts and optimise health.

The core of the course will be understanding the way in which Qi functions transform into each other. These transformations form cycles through which processes are initiated, transform and nourish the person. We will show how interruptions to these cycles are the cause of both emotional and physical problems and how to work with movement and touch to resolve them.

Bill was the originator of Movement Shiatsu and the theory of these cycles came from his research into infant movement development. In Europe, they have come to be called the ‘Three Families’ and other people have created different forms of work based on his theory, but this is a unique opportunity to learn the developmental archetypes underlying them. This will show how to incorporate movement explorations into forms of bodywork, like Shiatsu, in which clients are usually passive recipients.

The course will be highly practical and will introduce the unique techniques of Movement Shiatsu in a way that you can easily integrate into your own work.

These will include:

1) Understanding the Three Families of meridians and how Qi cycles and transforms within them.

2) Identifying interruptions to these cycles and how to work with the body to liberate them

3) Dealing with trauma and emotional issues through the body

4) Integrating talking with bodywork and making body-therapy more interactive

5) Giving clients ‘homework’ to carry on the work of a session through Inner Qigong