SEED UK Programme 2019

The Voice of the Organs : January 26th, 2019

Aligning Body and Mind: March 22-24, 2019

Honouring Self and Other: September 20-22, 2019

Releasing the Past, Embracing the Shadow : December 13-15, 2019

[PGC] Frome, UK : The Voice of the Organs
Dates: Saturday, January 26th, 2019

This workshop is a taster workshop for the 2019 SEED Programme which consists of four three day workshops at the corners of the year. We will use bodywork, voicework and techniques from dramatherapy to get in touch with the energy of the internal organs

The workshop will be highly experiential and a journey of self-discovery as well as giving a fresh approach to working with clients but you don’t need to work as a therapist to attend this course. The fundamental principle of Somatic Exploration is to discover ABILITY rather than to focus on curing DISABILITY. This is the theme of the whole year’s programme and this workshop aims to give a direct experience of the profound change of viewpoint one gets if you focus on what you can do rather than trying to solve your problems.

These workshops will be journeys of self-discovery. But by making these journeys yourself, you will be able to help others to do the same so they will give valuable resources to any therapists to help their clients.

[PGC] Aligning Body and Mind
Working with Primal Energy and Releasing Inhibition

Dates: March 22-24, 2019

If our actions are not authentic then they are not sustainable. It’s possible to force ourselves to do something without having a genuine motivation, or when the motivation comes from other people. But the result is that part of ourselves is holding back, is not involved. This results in internal conflict and can eventually lead to illness or injury.

The science of mimetics shows how our minds are created by imitating others. A natural consequence of this is that we often do things that are harmful to ourselves because the motivation does not come from inside. In fact we often forget how to listen to the internal energy and the body becomes stiff and inflexible because we are holding our authentic impulses in unconsciousness.

The workshop focuses on how we can get in touch with our primal energy – and listen to its truth. It is not necessary to always act on this primal energy but it’s important to be aware of it and, so to speak, to get its agreement for our actions. We will use movement, voice and bodywork to access these internal impulses and allow them to have their say.

The image for this workshop is the sap rising up in the spring and energizing the body.

[PGC] Honouring Self and Other:
Working with the Internal Organs and Expansive Energy

Dates: September 20-22, 2019

Standing up for oneself, being strong and honest is only sustainable if the deep parts of the body are full and buoyant. Then one can rest without collapse. Physically, this internal buoyancy comes from energizing the internal organs and opening the body to breath and blood. Psychologically it comes from healing shame.

The workshop will focus on breathing, on becoming aware of the internal organs and learning to feel their expansion and movement. This physical expansion often brings up emotional issues and we will explore how to relate to feelings in such a way that they energize you rather than triggering stories in which you are a victim.

The other focus of this weekend is how our personal space is created from the filling of internal space. Expansiveness in the body spreads to a filling of our personal space and this provides a sort of protection which is not a barrier to relationship. Instead of keeping others at a distance, or being invaded by other people, one creates an energy which expands out to others and which others naturally respect

The image for this energy is a ripe fruit. Expansive and soft but strong and nourishing.

[PGC] Releasing the Past, Embracing the Shadow
Working with fascia and bone to release holding patterns.
Dates: December 13-15, 2019

Healing is not all about energy and change. It also needs time and space to release old patterns and stillness to digest the past and feel it as a resource rather than a restraint.

The workshop will introduce practices like Rushen, which comes from Tibetan Yoga, which are designed to complete unfinished processes. The Rushen we teach involves subtle bodywork and use of voice and vibration to initiate a form of spontaneous movement which embodies the unfinished energy and allows it to complete its journey.

We will work with the deep core of the body, the skeleton and the network of fascia that connects everything else to this foundation. Working with bone clears away the confusion in muscles and allows them to come to rest. Bone is also the crystallization of the past, so contacting it can give an opportunity for re-valuing the events that formed one. We will teach techniques for releasing old blocking patterns, particularly in specific areas of the body that often act as energetic log-jams.

This brings us into contact with our roots and by finding peace with our past it can be a source of deep energy rather than a problem to be rejected.

The image for this work is a tree with deep roots

Participants who complete all the three weekends will receive a Postgraduate Certificate in Somatic Exploration and Movement Shiatsu from the School for Experiential Education.

The workshops will also teach the full sequence of Inner Qigong

Students who book for the entire course will also get free access to the online courses in Experiential Anatomy .

Venue: Hubnub Centre, Whittox Lane, Frome


Taster Day in January: £60

Each three day weekend: £180

Participants taking all four workshops will receive a £50 discount which will be taken off the payment for the final weekend.